The Truth About High Fat Diets…

Ask anyone who has tried to diet if a high fat diet is the way to go.

Chances are, they heard somewhere around their gym or office that Paleo dieting was the best way to eat if you want to lose weight and be healthy.

The world of nutrition is, to those who don’t dedicate their lives to it, muddy at best.

There is so much information (and WAY more misinformation) available after just a couple clicks of the mouse and a Google search.

Paleo, Whole 30, tons of MLMs selling shakes, bars, and detoxes, and my favorite, people in the “Eat Clean” camp.

eat clean

There are ways to wade through it all, however.

You could get a PhD and experiment in labs and on yourself, OR, listen to people who have already done that research and learn from them. (personally, I choose this second option)

There are few bigger misconceptions in nutrition than Carbohydrate intake. There are many people who preach low carb, high fat claiming that it has some mystical weight and fat loss properties.

My friend Dr. Brad Dieter has got a great piece on this very topic I am glad he’s allowed me to share with you.

His website, www. has tons of content available to help navigate the quagmire of nutritional info online, but here is the link to this particular article on high fat diets.