“Ever since I could remember I have always struggled with my weight. I used to dream and try to conceive an idea of a slimmer me. I had no clue what I was doing, I would work hard and see minimal results. So I stopped trying until you reached out me again. Little by littlemy body started to change and you corrected all my problems and after that my body transformed. I’m able to keep pushing and pushing my body physically now and I just feel right inside and out. Your knowledge, guidance, and friendship is why I’m at this level and is why I will continue to grow. Forever grateful for you!”

Tom Coghill

I got started becauseI wanted to completely change unhealthy habits that I had formed and to become stronger, both physically and mentally. We never made this about the number on the scale or measured any inches. I’ve lost two dress sizes and I’m noticeably stronger to everyone that I come in contact with now. I’m more confident now. I stand up straighter and taller. I used to be so scared to go to the gym, and now I crave it: my body lets me know when I’ve been stagnant for too long, and then I go lift some heavy metal! Not to sound like Nike here, but “Just Do It”. You will be pushed, and you may even curse…. but that’s okay. “All you’ve got to do is show up” (in Brad’s voice). If I could go back in time, I would’ve started years ago, and I honestly probably could have avoided shoulder surgery.

Christina Hendry

In my first 4 months of training at S3 I hit PRs in low bar squats and deadlifts! I’m pushing/pulling more weight than I ever thought I could. I have also gained a ton of knowledge on lifting mechanics /techniques, which is helping build my confidence in the gym! To anyone who is considering joining at S3 I would tell you that the S3 staff are extremely supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. The S3 staff and S3 members create a fun environment and push you to meet your goals.

Katie Lange

When I joined S3 I thought “this place might be different” and boy was I right! I remember calling Brad and explaining all of my worries/limitations and how they were impacting me physically and mentally. He was straight forward, confident and realistic in what he thought we could accomplish. Never in a million years would I or anyone who knows me think that I could or would join a Strength Building gym, yet I did and I am stronger physically and mentally for it!


From the moment you meet him, you know Brad isn’t one of those trainers who got a certificate off the internet—he knows what he’s doing. With his guidance, my focus shifted from gaining weight to gaining strength, and I have been thrilled with the results. At the age of 40, I am literally in the best shape of my life. I no longer hear those comments like “you’re so skinny!” or “you need to eat a burger!” Those have been replaced with compliments on my gains, and I couldn’t be happier.

April Foster

S3 gives me stability and goals to work for. The place has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind towards. It’s the place I go to to relieve stress and solve problems in my life. Through many years of playing sports, I have had a lot of injuries that affect me to this day and he is always there to come up with an alternate workout. All around, S3 is one of my favorite places to go. No one is judged there and everyone is pushing each other to do better.

Kelsey Schmidt

I’ve never met anyone who knows the physiology of humans and can put that knowledge into practical use as well as him. I have a rare spinal disease known as Klippel-Feil Syndrome, and because of it, I had to have spinal surgery my junior year of high school. Most of my doctors told me I’d most likely never be able to play baseball again. Once I was cleared to train again, Brad helped me balance my body with strength training. He knew exactly which muscles to strengthen, which to have stretched, and what exercises would most benefit my recovery. His programs have helped me to regain my physical levels I had before surgery, and now I am able to play baseball and workout again.

Andrew Bub

My name is Jenny Distefano and I have been training with Brad Stone for 3 years. When I first stepped into the gym, I was excited to start a new chapter of fitness but was a little intimidated. I quickly felt comfortable with my trainer Brad. Brad takes his time explaining the workouts, the anatomy and physiology of the body (which is helpful for a nurse like me),and nutrition.
I have followed Brad to multiple locations in order to maintain his guidance and training in workouts. Brad keeps the workouts fun but always pushes me to work harder than I thought I could. I have referred friends and family to Brad with full confidence that they will receive his level of expertise in this field and that their nutrition and fitness needs will be met and exceeded.
I have never felt more confident in my personal gains or achieved so many personal goals. And I owe a great deal of thanks to Brad for that.

Jenny DiStefano

Brad Stone has been my 17-year-old son Michael’s pitching coach for about two years. As a serious baseball player, my son has worked with a variety of batting and pitching coaches over the year. Brad has been the best. Most coaches know about baseball and their approach is very cookie cutter – every athlete gets the same exact lesson. Many times these coaches don’t understand physiology so those lessons can lead to injuries. While Brad is extremely well versed in baseball, he also brings to his teaching a strong knowledge of physiology and kinesiology. His coaching is very individualized and aimed at maximizing each student’s potential not just as a baseball player, but as an athlete, while teaching techniques to help avoid injuries.
Brad’s other strength is his strong communication skills and the rapport that he developed with the athletes. My son enjoys the lessons and feels like Brad is talking to him and not down to him. Plus he feels like Brad is teaching things that he can use not just in baseball but that will help him in other sports and the rest of his life.
I highly recommend Brad to anyone who is looking to learn or improve his pitching skills or who just needs a serious conditioning program. Brad knows his stuff.

Tom Naber

Brad has been our son Zach’s pitching and fitness coach for the last four years. In that time Brad has worked with Zach on pitching fundamentals and pitching strategy. He has also incoporated drills to improve Zach’s flexibility, speed and strength and provided the right amount of encouragement and sports psychology to go along with it. We drive an hour each way and pay more per hour for Zach to work with Brad vice using someone more local and less talented. Brad is always prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to work hard. Brad has also been able to adapt his approach and communication techniques for age and personality. (How we works with our son now is very different from how he started with Zach when he was 11).
The results speak for themselves. Zach just completed his freshman year of high school. He earned his first varsity letter this fall as part of the conference champion soccer team for Triad and this spring he was the starting center fielder for the varsity baseball team. He also made 9 pitching appearances and led the team in saves. We attribute a great deal of Zach’s success (so far) to the work Brad has done with him. We plan to remain dedicated customers of his for years to come and are excited to see what our boys can accomplish under his mentorship. (We have another son coming up 3 years behind Zach who is also starting to work with Brad.)

Steve & Tammy Kraabel

Ive had the opportunity to train with Brad Stone at 2 different facilities in the past year and a half.
Not only does his “program” work but his knowledge for the body’s mechanics combined with his program give you unbelievable results. I lost a significant amount of weight thru the weight training and have managed to keep the weight off thru valuable nutritional information provided by Brad.
I can honestly say that the results that I received under Brad’s training have significantly changed my life.

Ann Boldt

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss what an extraordinary personal trainer Brad Stone is. I have been working out with Brad for the last two and a half years. When I first started, I had not exercised in years due to a knee injury that would constantly flair up and cause me discomfort and put me out of commission for weeks at a time. Brad customized my programs to not only help me achieve my fitness goals, but to rehabilitate my injury. Prior to my injury I was an avid runner, when I started two and a half years ago with Brad I could not even run a mile without severe pain and discomfort in my knee. Within a few short months of working out with Brad I decided to go on a run, I accomplished five miles easily without any discomfort! I could not believe the endurance I had built through his work outs and truly could not believe that I was able to run again without knee pain! As an added plus, working out with Brad got me in better physical condition than I have ever been in my life.
I recommend Brad to everyone I can, he is an extraordinary personal trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline. His drive to continue his training and education in his field is unmatched. He has such a immense knowledge of mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. I have seen him work both one on one with clients as well as in a large group setting and he excels at his craft no matter what the situation. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently.
I will continue to train with Brad for years to come as well as recommend him to everyone that asks me where I work out. He truly is a master of his craft, and his clients are the proof!

Michele Kukla