The Truth About High Fat Diets…

Ask anyone who has tried to diet if a high fat diet is the way to go. Chances are, they heard somewhere around their gym or office that Paleo dieting was the best way to eat if you want to lose weight and be healthy. The world of nutrition is, to those who don’t dedicate […]

Momentum and Training: Trust the Process

  Today I have a guest post by none other than my lovely wife. She is going to talk a little bit about her experience with the process of training here, what is momentum, and how it all ties together. I hope you guys enjoy the post! November 10, 2014 is one of the best days of […]

Thoughts On Making A Change For The Better

If I told you that you needed to get 300% better, could you make that change?   How the heck am I going to do that?   Whether you are a competitive athlete or a stay at home parent (political correctness has gotten to me…) you should strive to make yourself more than the person […]

Who We Are

What We Are About.   Welcome to Stone Strength Systems. I am overjoyed that you have found your way to our website and hope that what you learn here brings you in to fully experience what we have to offer.   The name of the facility is Stone Strength Systems, and we stay true to […]