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The Reality of Recovery

  August 16, 2017

The Reality of Recovery: Bouncing Back After a Baby

As y’all know, the littlest Stone, aka the Pebble, Gus is here. My wife and I talked about her process for recovery and decided to document this journey in photos and in words. To be more specific: her words, her story. You hear enough from me anyway, so allow me to introduce to you, Katie Jo Stone.

I decided to do this because I’ve started hearing this a lot, “Oh, you don’t look like you’ve just had a baby! You’re married to a trainer though.” This always makes me laugh a little. First of all, if I don’t look like I’ve just had a baby that is because I’ve poured over Pinterest on what to wear after you’ve had a baby. Trust me, I look like I’ve had a baby if you see me in a bikini. However, I’ve mastered the art of what I call “illusion dressing.” The second part that makes me chuckle a little is the “you’re married to a trainer part.” Believe me when I say that I don’t get back into shape by osmosis. I would love nothing more for that to be the case. How wonderful if I could eat whatever I wanted for nine months, create this cool little human, go through child birth and recovery and then Brad could just get into shape for the both of us!?

Let me throw out some numbers here. The day I delivered our beloved #2, I weighed in at 177. At my six week post-partum check up I weighed in at 155. I don’t really have a weight goal per se because I think everyone should throw their scale out the window. It’s not a good measure of health. For the sake of the length of this blog, ask my husband about it. ????
Let’s talk sizes, pre-baby I was a comfortable size 4. I’m now a, barely can breathe but can get them buttoned, size 8. I want to get back to the 4. I also have broken my goals into three categories below: functional, aesthetic and bragging rights.

Functional: no back pain. I have a weak back. Always have. This stems from my weak core and a slew of other poor movements. Brad has worked with me on strengthening my back and I haven’t had pain for years now. But post baby, everything is out of wack, using muscles consistently in a way that I’m not used to (holding baby, carrying baby… basically anything baby related) has my back screaming.

Aesthetic: Jessica Biel arms, flat stomach… and what happened to my butt? Did you see Jessica Biel on Jimmy Fallon? Uh, look at her arms. I don’t need to explain any further. As for my stomach, I just had a baby. My abs have taken the shape of a globe. And my butt? Well, it looks depressed, need to lift that back up.

Bragging Rights: Deadlift 200 lbs, cranking out elevated push-ups, 5 true pull-ups, bench press 150 lbs. Most of these bragging rights goals I was working on pre-pregnancy. They’re still my goals and I’m still going after them.

I’ve decided to do something a bit on the crazy side and that is to post progress pictures and walk you through what I’m doing to get back. I’ve learned overtime by talking with people that Brad has trained that there is some serious gym apprehension out there. Everyone has a starting point and different goals. And yes, even the trainers wife has got a lot of work to do and I don’t get a secret shortcut.

Here come the pics! This is kind of nerve wracking because most people already have their “after” pics when they post these things. I’m just sticking my neck out there, like, uh, don’t judge me. Talk about accountability! I hope that this inspires people to take some first steps. I also hope people realize that THIS is reality. There is no special lighting, actually the most unflattering florescent lighting possible. There is no sucking it in, special posing or photoshop. This is me at my bottom, but not for long. Follow us as we get back on top! We are not a facility full of perfect fitness models. What we are is much better. We are full of genuine people, with real goals, from all walks, all different starting points. We are a community that acts like a family.

Thanks for reading!