Member of the month

Ben Feimer

I joined S3 in the beginning of 2022. I go to the Hybrid Strength Training sessions  3 days a week. Originally, I was looking to lose weight and build muscle, basically counteract the fact I’m over 30 and going soft! I’m definitely feeling stronger, and things are looking better in the body composition department. 

What I like about S3 is the group atmosphere. I mostly workout with the same group of people each week. Everyone is super supportive and that’s its own kind of motivation to get out of bed and hit the gym. 

Brad has been a great coach. One of the most satisfying and frustrating experiences in the gym was when Brad first helped me with my bench press. I had been lifting weights for a few years without much direction. So when we were doing bench press at the gym I figured I had the Bench on lock. Brad watched me do a few reps and suggested some minor tweaks in hand positioning and how I should set myself up before I even unracked the weight. With a few of his suggestions I set a new personal best for bench press that day! It was exhilarating because I had never lifted that much weight before, AND incredibly frustrating because if I had had someone with professional experience take a second to make some minor adjustments, who knows how much I could be lifting today!

To anyone considering joining here at S3,  I would say this gym is for you! If you like compact workouts that leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something when you’re done. If you like variety, then you’ll always like going to S3. Brad and his team are with you every step of the way during the workout with tips and they really know what they are talking about! Don’t wait any longer! Join the S3 family today!

In the weight room, Brad has over 20 years experience on both sides of the equation, as a coach and a client. Having been an athlete for most of his life he has had access to some world class coaching. These opportunities to learn from the best in the business have helped him formulate his personal
philosophies and create the foundation for his career as a strength coach.

“My unique perspective, having been a client and a coach, allows me to see all sides of the equation. I know what works to be motivated and pushed as an athlete as well as what needs to be done as your coach. Having been a client allows me to understand the day to day struggles real people go through and how to help push through the tougher days!”

Krista Yetter

Krista graduated from Lindbergh High School in 2008 and went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from SLU in 2012. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and cheerleader gave Krista an appreciation for fitness
and nutrition from an early age. After college, Krista went on to coach the Ladue Rams’ Varsity Cheer Squad as well as competitive squads and also has 14 years of experience coaching various levels of gymnastics for all ages.

Krista earned her ACE Personal Trainer Certification in 2014 and began training clients right away. She has since earned degrees in pregnancy and postpartum fitness through Fit4Mom and Oh Baby! through ACE as well.

Aside from individual training, Krista has experience as a group fitness instructor and has taught a variety of classes in a multitude of places – anywhere from a yoga studio, to a basic gym, to boutique fitness centers. Most recently, she has focused on furthering her knowledge in Pilates and Barre classes, which she loves teaching.

“I believe that health and happiness go hand in hand, so let me help you find your healthiest, happiest life possible!”

Matt Mullen

In 2006, Matt graduated from South Tech High School and during his time, played rugby for the St. Louis Hornets.

In 2007, Matt enlisted into the United States Marine Corps where he served four years and was deployed for two combat tours; Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Promoted to Corporal and honorably discharged after receiving several campaign and service medals.

Matt has a background with NASM Personal Training and the Poliquin Training Group and involved in the fitness industry for the past 5 years. When Matt is not helping clients, he spends his weekend working as a nurse in the Emergency Department at a Level 1 Trauma Center.

“I believe in pushing people outside of their comfort zones. Really seeing what people have and watching them give it their all during their training sessions. I believe balance is important and training can go a long way, mentally and  physically. Lets get to work!”

Kaitlin krout

I am from Veedersburg Indiana where I graduated from Fountain Central high school in 2017 and was a 3 sport athlete throughout my high school career. This is where I developed a love for sport and exercise and began to understand the physical and mental benefits it can provide!

In 2020, I graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Sport Management and Intercollegiate Athletics. After experience working under a Sport Psychologist, I developed a passion for the field and went on to get my Master’s degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology where I expanded my passion for the mind and body connection! 

Since then, I have become an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 

My goal is to help individuals create a positive relationship with exercise and to find balance and motivation within their fitness journey. 

When I’m not training at S3, you can find me working at a local health clinic as a Health Mentor, or enjoying all things outdoors! 


Fun fact: I just ran my first half-marathon in May 🙂 


“Mens sana in corpore sano”

 A sound mind in a sound body

Alexis Lowenthal

Alexis graduated from Lafayette High School in 2013 and enlisted into the US Army.  Alexis has been in the service for 9 years and recently transitioned into the infantry.  Alexis has been in the fitness industry for the past 3 years and discovered a passion for personal training and nutrition coaching, when she attended courses through the Army Physical Fitness School.

Alexis also helps coach and assist Soldiers in her unit with the fitness test and ensuring that they receive proper training and instruction.

When Alexis is not in the gym, she is continuing her education online with Colorado Christian University, where she hopes to receive a Ph.D. in Theology, and she takes her husky, Denali to the dog park and on different hiking trails.


Ian McIntosh

Ian graduated from Rockwood Summit high school in 2013. He played
football, wrestled and ran track. During his senior year he receive all conference honors in football and won the state championship in wrestling at 160lbs. He went on to play division 2 football in the hardest conference in the nation, the MIAA, at Missouri Western State University.

While at Missouri Western State University he was a 5 year football player and earned all conference honors as a senior. He also spent 400+ hours shadowing local gyms and the head strength and conditioning coach of the MWSU, Greg Carbin. While shadowing he helped program and coach collegiate athletes in soccer, volleyball and football. Ian Graduated from Missouri Western with a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2017.

After Missouri Western, Ian enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Logan University. It was there where he gained knowledge about spinal biomechanics, nutritional biochemistry, human physiology and much more. He is currently attending a preceptor ship at the Scott Air Force Base Chiropractic clinic.
Ian also is a decorated power lifter. He has earned Missouri state records in the squat, bench and deadlift. While training and going to school he found time to train athletes. He has trained clients in the Saint Louis area for 2 years now and loves to share his knowledge in any way possible.