July Member of the Month

Congrats to Kelsey Schmidt, S3’s July Member of the Month.



Kelsey Schmidt

July Member of the Month



Kelsey recently accomplished a longtime goal of a 300lb deadlift and after rededicating herself to nutrition lost 7lbs in a week! Congrats on your success and here’s to many more victories!

As S3’s Member of the Month, she receives a free float from our partners at FloatSTL. Congrats Kelsey!




What does membership at S3 mean to you?


Membership at S3 means more to me than Brad probably even knows. It gives me stability and goals to work for. The place has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind towards. It’s the place I go to to relieve stress and solve problems in my life. Not only does the training help but also talking to Brad about personal issues as well. I call him my free therapist. Through many years of playing sports, I have had a lot of injuries that affect me to this day and he is always there to come up with an alternate workout. All around, S3 is one of my favorite places to go. No one is judged there and everyone is pushing each other to do better.


Why do you train?


I train at S3 because I am a very competitive person and I wanted to try something new. I’ve always been in competition with others but here I can compete against myself, which is new and exciting. Bonus is that it helps with weight loss and promotes healthy living.



My favorite thing to do at S3 is?


My favorite thing to do at S3 is complain and bother Brad. He acts annoyed most of the time but I think he secretly likes me cursing him out! Ha ha. Honestly my favorite thing

is learning more about the body and how it works. Brad is very knowledgeable when it comes to why the body does what it does. Sometimes I don’t retain it all but it is very interesting.


My greatest success so far is?


My greatest success so far is my PR deadlift. I never thought that I could lift over 300lbs but with time and the right training you can do anything.


How long have you been a client?


I have been training at S3 since it has been open but I started training with Brad long before that. I couldn’t wait till he opened up his own place so that I could make the move that I knew was right for me!