Our core program is the Hybrid Strength Training Program (HST). With capacity for 6 people in any given session the client to trainer ratio is much lower than most other traditional group fitness classes.

Our HST program has two different tracks of exercise:

Body Composition Track:

  • Designed for clients looking to build lean muscle mass, shed body fat, and lose weight
  • Rather than focus on heavier weights, focus on better movement and higher reps (we call that volume…)

Strength Track:

  • Like the name says, we are focused on gaining strength
  • You will still build muscle and lose weight (if you want)
  • Focus on lower reps and heavier weights

Our focus on progressively building foundational strength makes our program scalable to any fitness level. If you have never done a squat or deadlift doesn’t matter, anyone can train here. Your journey here starts with a careful initial assessment that allows our staff to help you determine where you need to start in a safe and appropriate manner.

So what does an HST session look like?

  • Sessions are blocked off at an hour time limit
  • A timer keeps track of when we work and when we rest
  • Sessions start with an overview of the workout from your coach
  • We do a mobility program to get warmed up and follow immediately with AB work
  • 3 stations of work that rotate circuit style
  • Programming is divided up into an A day and B day that changes each month

Anyone can join an HST session. If you interested in learning more click the button at the top to schedule your ‘No Sweat Intro’ today!

There are 2 and 3 days per week options for this program including 31 sessions for you to choose from. The incredible flexibility in our program accommodates even the busiest schedules!