Hybrid Strength Training

Our Hybrid Strength Training sessions are small group personal training at its finest.

With a 6-1 client to coach ratio, you will get plenty of personal attention. Inside the program, you can control your results by choosing which track of exercise you want to focus on. Your choices are the Strength Track or the Body Comp track. Each track will have unique exercise and repetition selections, there will be some overlap at times, but the choices for each are designed to elicit specific responses in the body.

Strength Track:

just as the name implies, we will focus on gaining as much strength as possible. Rep ranges will be lower allowing the weight to be heavier. Remember, heavy is a relative term (heavy to you, to me, to Schwarzenegger in his prime are all different numbers) and our staff will help push you appropriately. Our goal here is more focused on the weight on the bar going up versus changing the number on the scale.

Body Composition Track:

More focused on changing the body’s composition, the rep ranges for its unique exercise selections tend to be higher and more focused on shedding body fat, and building lean muscle. Our goal here is to change the way the body looks more so than adding raw strength.

With capacity for 6 people in any given session the client to trainer ratio is much lower than most other traditional group fitness classes. Our HST program has two different tracks of exercise:

Strength Track:

Body Composition Track:

So what does an HST session look like?

Anyone can join us

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Our core program is the Hybrid Strength Training Program

Our focus on progressively building foundational strength makes our program scalable to any fitness level. If you have never done a squat or deadlift doesn’t matter, anyone can train here. Your journey here starts with a careful initial assessment that allows our staff to help you determine where you need to start in a safe and appropriate manner.